Bremer Co Eclipses 1,000 Active Cases

As of Friday, November 20th Bremer County has reached an unfortunate milestone. Bremer County has eclipsed 1,000 current COVID-19 cases with 1,015. Current cases are calculated by taking total cases and subtracting those who have recovered or died from the virus. The number of cases in the county has risen sharply this month. On October 20th Bremer County only had 138 active cases.

Here are the latest coronavirus numbers from the state of Iowa: 1,141,539 individuals have been tested to this point. 201,570 have tested positive. 114,297 have now recovered while 2,127 have died. Locally, Bremer County has 1,015 active cases. Butler County has 405 active cases. Floyd County has 381. Chickasaw County has 182. Fayette County has 539. Buchanan County has 584. Black Hawk County is reporting 9,624 positive PCR tests and 739 positive antibody tests. 5,345 have now recovered while 124 have died.