Inspectors Write Up La Porte Rd Restaurants

Two restaurants on La Porte Road in Waterloo have been reprimanded after a visit from state and county food inspectors. An inspector noted that Panera Bread had several foods that were being held at temperatures to warm for food safety. They also found that salad dressing and various bagged cheese products were found to be expired, clean salad mixing bowls had dried food debris on them, the milk steamer had a dried milk buildup inside of it, the bread slicer had excessive food buildup, as did the bagel slicer and the salad cooler. The under counter drink dispenser had a black buildup of some kind and the inside of the ice machine had a pink buildup of some kind. A dead bug was found on a package of macaroni and cheese. The inspector also noted that there was a black buildup on the wall behind the sink, the floors in the walk-in coolers were littered with food debris, and there was a buildup of dust on the fans inside the coolers. The McDonalds on La Porte Road was also visited by an inspector, however that trip was due to an unspecified complaint against the restaurant. A report from the inspector does not say whether the complaint was verified. It does note that an employee was observed holding a stack of unwrapped cheese in their apron, burrito mix and eggs were found to be held at inproper temperatures and other foods did not have date stamps on them.