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Lisa of BLACKPINK Has Set Three Brand New Guinness World Records

On Tuesday, January 24th, the Guinness Book of World Records announced that Lisa of BLACKPINK set three new world records last year. Apparently, Lisa became the first solo K-pop winner at the MTV Video Music Awards last year. At the Awards she took home the trophy for best K-pop over BTS as well as another record with the first solo K-pop winner at the MTV Europe Music Awards, where she also was nominated twice in the same category due to BLACKPINK’s nomination.

On top of that, Lisa’s third record has to do with social media, and setting the new mark for follower son Instagram for a K-pop artist with 86.3 million following her. Her closest bandmate follower wise is Jennie, with 73.5 million followers on Instagram.

Earlier on this month, Lisa and the rest of BLACKPINK released a limited edition vinyl of their 2022 sophomore album, Born Pink. The baby pink edition included a 72 page photobook and a ton of additional accessories, photocards, and a double sided poster.

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