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Stephen Curry Launch Curry Brand

Under Armour in partnership with three-time NBA champion and two-time MVP Stephen Curry, announced the creation and launch of the Curry Brand, a purpose-led performance brand with a mission to ensure every young person has equitable access to sport.

Under Armour has long been committed to making athletes better, both on and off the court. But in order to be better, athletes need the opportunity in the first place. Currently, only 22% of kids growing up in low-income households are participating in youth sports1 – an issue that Under Armour and Stephen Curry are aiming to impact with the creation of Curry Brand. Because of this, the two are deepening their partnership with a purpose-led performance brand created to provide opportunity and access for the next generation of young athletes worldwide.

“Through the community work I’ve done with Under Armour for over a decade, I’ve learned that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not,” said Stephen Curry. “All of our work together has been dedicated to creating a more equal playing field that closes the gap between those two areas. Through Curry Brand, along with the work of Ayesha and my foundation Eat.Learn.Play., I now have a long term plan to continue to address the barriers to sport that often hinder and limit a child’s potential for greatness.”

Curry Brand will work to provide solutions to ensure every young person has equitable access to sport, focusing on partnerships that will provide opportunity for youth sports in under-resourced communities. This commitment will provide apparel and equipment, create safe places to play while ensuring that all coaches are engaged in professional development.

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