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NFL Hall Of Famers Willie Roaf & Andre Reed Share Experience with Cognition Improvement

DMG,, LLC has released validated data from brain screenings that prove its proprietary FOCUS Mind & Body Hemp Extract improved brain and cognition performance for former NFL players who suffer from cognitive deficits and mental discomfort.

The PrimeMyBody Former Player Study included 70-plus former NFL player participants like Hall of Famers Willie Roaf and Andre Reed. Other participants included three-time All-Pro Everson Walls, Rocket Ismail, Darren McFadden, and Lorenzo Lynch.

On the effects FOCUS have on him, Willie Roaf says, “I could tell the first time I took FOCUS I felt more alert, more honed in and zoned in. I was psyched to feel the effects, and to see the data that showed FOCUS was boosting my alertness and brain activity. I now take it daily, and I’m more active, my daily routine is a lot better, and I’m feeling better all around. I notice a huge difference in how I feel and move when I don’t take it, compared to when I take it every day.”

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