UNI Athlete Reacts to Olympic Postponement

The International Olympic Committee announced Tuesday that the 2020 Toyko Games are postponed. The games will be played most likely in 2021.

UNI junior discus thrower Jessica Heims was gearing up for the 2020 Paralympic games in Japan. Heims is disappointed in the loss of the opportunity, but understands the committee’s decision and views the postponement as the logical choice. 

“It is heartbreaking to have an Olympic year moved back, but overall, I am proud of the Olympic Committee for putting the health of the athletes and people around the world first,” Heims said. “It was a tough decision but whether or not we want to uproot our athletic lives, ultimately it was what needed to happen.”

Heims, the F64 Discus world record holder, now looks to change her competition cycle and hopes to be ready to peak for next year’s games.