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NBA Star Myles Turner Petitions City And Mayor Hogsett To Rename Indianapolis “Block City”

In a nod to Indiana Pacers Center Myles Turner’s record-breaking NBA season, MTN DEW is charging his campaign for the 2021 Defensive Player of the Year award. To fuel awareness in a big way, the brand is petitioning Mayor Hogsett to rename the city of Indianapolis to “Block City” – in reference to Turner’s epic on-the-court blocks – in support of his candidacy.

For the last six years, our guy Myles Turner has been crashing boards, breaking up plays and flat-out balling as the defensive anchor for the Indiana Pacers.

With an average of 3.4 blocks per game – an Indiana Pacers Franchise record, contesting the most shots at the rim – 13.2 rim contests out of 100, and averaging 0.9 steals, Turner’s not just the best defender on the court this season – he’s single-handedly turned the city of Indianapolis into “Block City,” hosting nightly highlight reel block parties against the best the NBA has to offer. But despite his historic on-court performances, he still isn’t getting the recognition for 2021 NBA Defensive Player of the Year he deserves. Which is why he is petitioning to rename Indianapolis “Block City” for a day.

Nobody balls for that block like Turner, so please sign and share this petition to help us seal the deal and spread the word. Together, let’s make “Block City” a reality and show Myles Turner some hometown love when you help us charge his campaign for the 2021 NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

“DPOY is something I’ve been working towards year in and year out. Just like I do every season, I’ve been balling for every block and leaving it all on the court,” said Myles Turner, Indiana Pacers. “I’m pumped that MTN DEW is making a case for me to win DPOY can’t wait to interact with my fans and the City of Indianapolis on a deeper level.”

Added Turner, “Even though I’ve had to miss a few games late in the season, I’m looking forward to getting back and helping my team with a playoff push.”

To further support Turner and generate awareness tied to his DPOY campaign, MTN DEW is donating 200 packages of essential items, including water, food, toiletries and blankets to his charity, W.A.R.M. (Work As Role Models). All donations will support Indianapolis residents in need.

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