Waverly McDonald’s Remodelling

You may have noticed as you drove by that McDonald’s in Waverly is undergoing a major interior remodel. Yesterday construction began on a new PlayPlace as the area is prepared for a brand-new toy. The new PlayPlace will feature new seating, a larger toy, expanded play area, and interactive electronic games for children.

During the entire construction process, the Drive Thru will remain open for customers.

Design plans also include new flooring, seating, lighting, restrooms, a new front counter and digital menu displays for customer convenience. As Waverly’s McDonald’s transitions to the McDonald’s Experience of the Future they will also be adding table service and ordering kiosks.

Scott Soifer, owner/operator of the Waverly McDonald’s said, “We are excited to be re-investing in the Waverly community in such a big way. There has been tremendous growth in the area, and we are eager to be part of the growth and bring all our guests a modern and refreshed experience with additional choices.”

The entire project is expected to be completed before the end of April, with the Drive Thru open to serve customers throughout this process.

Waverly has been home to a Soifer Family McDonald’s since 1982. The store was originally located on 20th St. NW. In 2010 the store was moved to its current location. This will be the store’s first major remodel since its relocation.