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Joe Jonas Offers a Helping Hand

As restrictions ease and we start to imagine brighter days ahead, Expedia has launched its Travel Companions Report in collaboration with singer, songwriter and actor, Joe Jonas. The report uncovers half (49%) of British adults feel stressed at the thought of booking international trips, and a fifth (19%) state they need a helping hand when booking travel compared to pre-COVID. And so, Expedia and Joe Jonas are teaming up to offer travellers an actual Helping Hand to help reduce stress as they make their way back out there.

Available in limited quantities are 100 exact replicas of Joe Jonas’ right hand, created to symbolise the support and reassurance Expedia aims to bring to travellers. Recognising that for many, the idea of booking their first trip since the start of the pandemic may come with feelings of hesitation and uncertainty, Expedia’s Helping Hand is a symbol of the travel company’s new commitment to being the ultimate travel companion.

A limited-edition piece of art, the Helping Hands were created using a 3D printer and stereolithography technology. Every hand has been individually painted with custom artwork, then numbered (by hand), and signed by Jonas. Helping Hands can be redeemed now while supplies last, at

As a way of offering a helping hand to communities impacted during the pandemic, Expedia is donating USD $100,000 to Mercy Corps, a global humanitarian organisation working on the front lines of crisis, disaster, poverty, and climate change to create a world where everyone can prosper. The donation will provide emergency supplies, food, clean water and support to communities facing the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joe Jonas comments: “I’ve spent so much of my life on the road – touring the world and playing in virtually every major city. Travelling has always been a personal passion for me, but after more than a year spent at home, I am eager to get back out there. I know that travel is better when I have a great companion to explore with – Expedia gets that too. I’m excited to team up with them to help people feel confident about traveling the world again, whenever they’re ready, by lending a helping hand: one that supports travellers at every step of the way. Because let’s face it – it matters who you travel with.”

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