Break-In at Lost Island Theme Park

A Waterloo man has been arrested after allegedly breaking into the Lost Island Theme Park on Monday night, according to the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier. Police say 45 year old Ronald Sikula got inside the park and removed a cotton candy machine from a kiosk and dismantled electrical switches. When employees arrived on Tuesday, they found the cotton candy machine wrapped in a trash bag and found Sikula inside a locked restaurant on the grounds. He then left the park but was picked up a short time later by police. They say they found keys to a Mazda in his pocket. An investigation found that he had allegedly stolen that vehicle the night before in Washburn. He drove it to the Isle Casino, but was asked to leave property for acting strangely. Thats when he went to the theme park. He has been charged with third degree Burglary and second degree Theft. Police say he did not ride any of the rides.