Former Student Arrested

A former UNI student has been arrested for allegedly stalking and threatening to harm at least three UNI staff members, according to the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier. 25 year old Aisha Nyala, now of Altoona, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with first degree Harassment and three counts of Stalking By Use of a Technological Device. These charges were added to a charge of Intimidation With a Weapon, which she picked up in January. Nyala allegedly used a fake Facebook account to post comments on pictures of Allyson Rafanello, the dean of students, and her husband, Nick Rafanello, UNI’s executive director of housing and dine, saying “I will get someone to deal with you” and “I will make sure that what you’ve done comes back to haunt you.” A complaint was also filed with UNI officials that Nyala had made a comment that she would dedicate her entire life to getting revenge. On January 22nd Nyala called the Iowa Board of Regents in regards to an earlier complaint she had made and said if nothing was done she would “shoot that woman in the head.” While it is unclear who that woman is and what Nyala may want revenge for, restraining orders were sought to protects Allyson Rafanello and Heather Harbach , UNI’s vice president of student life.