Man Used Another Man’s Name for Over 20 Years

A Waterloo man has been found to have been using another man’s name for more than 20 years, according to the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier. Earlier this month an employer discovered that a man named Ruben Moreno was not actually named Ruben Moreno. He turned out to be 50 year old Jorge Alvarez. Alvarez had not only used Moreno’s name but also his date of birth and Social Security number to land jobs and for when he got in trouble with the law. There are several cases on the books under the name Ruben Moreno, including 2022 cases for Drunken Driving and an extradition case for a probation violation. Alvarez never filed taxes while using Moreno’s name for work. When authorities contacted the actual Ruben Moreno, he told them his wallet had been stolen in 2001. Alvarez admitted to buying Moreno’s Social Security card in Minnesota around that time. He has been charged with Identity Theft but has been released pending trial.