Safety Violations on Raging River

According to KWWL, following the death of an eastern Iowa boy this summer, a new report shows that Adventureland Theme Park violated several safety standards with the Raging River ride. 

11-year-old Michael Jaramillo was killed in an accident while visiting Adventureland back in July with his family when their raft flipped over. Michael’s brother, David Jaramillo, was left in critical condition following the accident, but has since recovered.

Iowa Workforce Development says inspectors with the Division of Labor issued a formal Safety Order for the Raging River ride on Friday, November 12.

It found Adventureland violated 17 safety standards, ranging from improper repairs and inadequate records documenting the history of repairs and training. 

The order says that the ride can’t be legally re-opened until they address 11 of the issues. There were no fines involved in the safety violations, per Iowa Code.