Supended Superintendent Sues School Board

The suspended superintendent of the Charles City School District is suing the school board, according to KIMT. Dr. Anne Lundquist was placed on paid administrative leave in April with the school board saying there were allegations that raised questions about her fitness for duty. Lundquist has now sued school board members Dr. David Schrodt, Dara Jaeger, Kathryn Fox, Bruce Koebrick, and Josh Mack. In the filing Lundquist says she used a school copy machine to copy “some private evaluation comments she had written concerning some individual employees in the district who were subject to her direction and control.” A portion of those comments was left on the copy machine and was given to Schrodt. He then allegedly contacted other school board members and they agreed to suspend Lundquist. Lundquist says the school board violated the state’s open meetings law and tarnished her reputation. The lawsuit is asking for fair and reasonable damages for the alleged intentional and reckless actions by the school board. Lundquist had already announced she would retire at the end of this school year prior to her suspension. The previous superintendent at Charles City, Mike Fisher, had his own legal issues, admitting in January that he violated enrollment reporting policies. He is currently the superintendent at Oskaloosa, who were undetered by Fisher’s infractions. Dr. Brian Burnight was named the new superintendent in May, he will take over on July 1st.