Waterloo Plans to Build New High School for the Whole District

Waterloo Schools has announced plans to build a new high school. A task force unanimously determined that the district should transition into a single high school. The group believes it will provide more academic opportunities for all students, increase competitiveness, and create operational efficiencies through modernized facilities, streamlined operations, and sustainable infrastructure. The district also notes that they are currently losing around 700 students to open enrollment every year and they believe the new high school will help to significantly limit that. This would be the most expensive new high school in the state with the project expected to cost $165million. The previous high was Waukee Northwest at $140million. The location of the new school will be on the Waterloo Career Center campus. This project will not necessitate a property tax rate increase. East and West High Schools would still be utilized but would house 8th and 9th grades while the new school would handle 10th through 12th. Bunger, Carver and Hoover would house 6th and 7th grades. Students at Central Middle School would relocate to another school depending on their grade. The Board of Education will discuss the project at its meeting on December 11th.