Murder Trial Begins

Trial has begun in the case of a Waterloo woman whose partially burned body was found on the edge of a cemetery four years ago, according to the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier. Fredrick Williams is charged with first degree Murder in the of killing his wife, Lakisha Owens, and Abuse of her corpse to conceal the crime. Owens’ mother and coworkers reported her missing back in January of 2018. Her mother, Peggy “Cookie” Owens, took the stand yesterday, telling the jury of Lakisha relaying to her that Fredrick left a cut on her head after hitting her with a crowbar sometime before her murder. Investigators believe Lakisha was murdered on January 20th. Around that time resident’s of the apartment complex where Lakisha lived noticed a 55 gallon trash can missing from the laundry room. Hunters found Lakisha’s body on Januray 26th, partially burned and wrapped in in bedding and plastic sheets. The defense says none of the evidence directly links Fredrick to his wife’s death and they will call a witness that says he was visiting the grave of a friend at the time of the disappearance when a white man in a vehicle threatened him with a gun and chased him out of the cemetery.