Inmate Maces More Charges for Assaulting Another Inmate

An inmate in Waterloo has picked up more charges after punching a fellow inmate and stomping on his face, according to the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier. 50 year old Nersius Artisani punched Anthony Smith in the face, knocking him unconscious on September 14th. Artisani, who was formerly known as Roger Hoffert Jr., then stomped on Smith’s face twice before returning to his cell. Smith suffered a concussion and fractured nasal bone. Artisani was charged with Willful Injury Causing Bodily Injury. He was already awaiting trial for allegedly punching a woman and kicking her on the ground outside of the Isle Casino in February. The woman suffered a broken jaw, facial fractures and other injuries. Artisani’s attorney filed notices of intoxication, insanity and diminished capacity defences and requested an evaluation. Artisani also has prior convictions for assaulting other jail inmates in 2020 and 2018.